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I. Introduction

       In the interest of safety and for your protection, the Reunion Property Owner’s Association, Inc. (the “POA”) and the Reunion Lake Committee (the “Lake Cte.”) have amended and restated the Reunion Lake Rules and Regulation for all lakes located in Reunion. Observance of the Rules is particularly important during the warm weather months, as that is when we have the heaviest concentration of watercraft of the lakes.  Please remember that respect for our neighbors is critical to the enjoyment of our lakes.

      Operation of all watercraft on Reunion North Lake and Reunion South Lake is a privilege and is strictly governed by applicable federal and state laws, and these rules and any amendments thereto promulgated by the POA.

      Neither Reunion, Inc., nor the POA or Home‐Land Neighborhood Management, shall be liable for any loss or injury sustained by any property owner or person using the lakes or arising out of the operation of the watercraft (as defined herein) in accordance with these Rules.


II. General Rules and Regulations

1. The use of the lakes, the common areas, and the common facilities by a property owner is limited to that person’s immediate family and their guests. “Immediate Family” should mean the property owner, his or her spouse, their parents and children who are permanent residents in their home.

2. The property owner must accompany his or her guest or guests and shall be responsible for the conduct of such guests. The POA may from time to time limit the number of guests and their use of the lakes and common areas.

3. Firearms, including homemade devices of any kind, are strictly prohibited upon any lake or common property in Reunion.

4. Property owners and users of the lake should watch for hidden or submerged hazards or structures in the lakes of Reunion. Watercraft operators and swimmers must be aware of the possibility of floating debris in the lake.  Structure is added to the lake to make habitats for the fish on a regular basis.

5. No structure shall be erected or placed in the lakes of Reunion by any property owner for any purpose without the prior written consent of the POA.

6. No garbage, trash or refuse of any kind shall be deposited in the lakes and no glass containers of any kind shall be allowed at or on the beach, lake, marina, village or any common property of Reunion. Absolutely no diving is allowed from the piers or marinas.

7. Swimming in the lake is prohibited except within 25 feet of a private pier or boathouse, within designated areas at the village, and within 75 feet of any watercraft in which the swimmer is a passenger (see approximate locations of buoy markers on the map).

8. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the dam or the levy at any time except for maintenance or emergency vehicles.

9. Property owners and their guest shall not enter upon the private land of another property owner of Reunion except upon invitation or in the event of an emergency.

10. All property owners and guest of property owners are responsible for understanding and complying with these rules prior to using the lakes of Reunion. Property owners shall be responsible for the compliance with these rules by their guest. Ignorance of federal or state law or these rules in not a defense.

11. “Watercraft” shall mean all boats and other water vehicles within the restrictions set forth in section III, paragraph 1 herein, but specifically excluded all houseboats and personal watercraft including, but not limited to, jet skis, racing boats, and high performance boats, all of which shall be strictly prohibited from the lakes of Reunion. All watercraft shall be registered with the state of Mississippi pursuant to The Handbook of Mississippi Boating Laws and Responsibilities as then in effect (the “Handbook”) and annually with the POA on or before March 31st of each year. All boats and boat trailers must have a reunion sticker prominently displayed at all times. The sticker shall be placed in front of the boat registration number or on the side glass and shall be visible at all times.

12. Proof of liability insurance of each watercraft in a minimum amount of $100,000 must be provided to the POA prior to the operation of the same on the lakes of Reunion.

13. Be respectful of your neighbors and the users of the lakes and use common sense at all times. Profanity, obscene gestures, or lewd behavior is strictly prohibited.

14. Watercraft is not allowed within the designated beach swimming area.

15. Property owners are strictly prohibited from running or inserting irrigation pumps, lines or pipes into the lakes of Reunion.

16. No more than two motorized Watercraft per property owners are allowed.

17. The driver of a watercraft or anyone being pulled by a watercraft shall not consume alcoholic beverages. As a condition of operating a watercraft upon the lakes of Reunion, the operator is deemed to have given consent to testing for purposes of determining the alcoholic content of his/her blood pursuant to the Handbook.

18. The marina is reserved for lessees of boat space only and their guest. No swimming or jumping from the marina is allowed.


III. Watercraft Rules and Regulations

1. Boat and Engine Size Restrictions

A. Decibel Levels:

  • No modifications of manufacturer’s engine exhaust system are allowed.

B. Maximum Engine Size:

  • 200 horsepower on competition ski boats with outboards or cc equivalent
  • 150 horsepower on fishing boats outboards
  • 351 cubic inch on inboards
  • 305 cubic inch on inboards‐outboards

C. Maximum Boat Length:

  • Shall be 24 feet

D. Maximum Pontoon or Deck Boat Length:

  • Shall be 24 feet

E. Maximum Speed Limit:

  • 40 miles per hour

2. No person under the age of 16 years old shall be allowed to operate a motorized watercraft unless supervised in the watercraft by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age. The watercraft owner or a member of his immediate family must be present in the boat at all times. Persons operating the watercraft and any passengers in the Watercraft born after July 30, 1980, or as amended by the Handbook, must have a boating education certificate on board while the watercraft is in operation.

3. All buoy markers must be obeyed. All designated areas outside the buoys are “no wake” zones and must be strictly obeyed. Watercraft shall leave no wake outside the buoys and in the coves while operating in those areas.

4. Watercraft pulling skiers, wake boarders, tubers, knee boarders, or otherwise traveling at wake speed (“Skier”) must travel counter‐clockwise around the lake.

5. Watercraft pulling Skiers must have an observer aboard, other than the driver, and the observer must be 12 years of age or older.

6. No skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, knee boarding, or similar recreational activity (“Skiing”) is permitted between official sunset and sunrise as defined by the U. S. Weather Bureau, except for riding in properly watercraft and proceeding at the “no wake” speed.

7. No watercraft shall be operated in a reckless manner that could cause personal injury or damage to property. Watercraft must be operated safely and responsibly at all times.

8. All vessels must carry one wearable U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device for each person on board.

9. Skiing is confined to the area inside the buoys.

10. No watercraft shall be tied to buoys or spillway pip structures at any time.

11. No watercraft can be tied or docked to the owner’s pier or seawall for more than 72 continuous hours over a seven‐day period. No watercraft can be tied or docked to the village area overnight. No watercraft shall be parked on the street or in the driveway of any property owner for more than 24 hours.

12. All lakefront lots located in the Vinings subdivision at Reunion shall be allowed to tie or dock one (1) watercraft to the owner’s pier or seawall at any time between May 28, 2007 and running through and including September 3, 2007 (the “Docking Period”). Upon the expiration of the Docking Period, this Paragraph 12 shall be null and void.

13. The boat launch area is for day use only. No vehicle or boat shall be parked in the boat launch area or concrete emergency spillway except to launch and load for more than 30 minutes. No vehicle with or without a trailer should be parked on the launch pad at any time. Violations of this rule will result in the boat and/or vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.

IV. Fishing Rules and Regulations

1. All persons must comply with relevant state and federal laws, which includes obtaining the proper fishing license for fishing upon the lakes of Reunion.

2. Fishing is permitted by hook and line only in the lakes of Reunion.

3. No commercial fishing shall be permitted in the lakes of Reunion. This prohibits without limitation the use of gill nets, trammel nets, hoop nets, barrel nets, cast nets, slat baskets, the use of seines, and other related devices.

4. No trotlines, throw lines, limb lines, jugs, or yo‐yos shall be utilized or placed in the lakes of Reunion.

5. No snagging is permitted in the lakes of Reunion. Any snagged fish must be returned to the lake immediately.

6. No harvesting of fish by muddying and use of lime, poison, explosives, electrical devices, wire baskets, or fish traps shall be permitted.

7. Staking or otherwise marking of “fishing holes” is prohibited.

8. Grabbling boxes or other structures shall not be placed in the lakes of Reunion.

9. Only Bass between 12‐15” can be harvested. Consult the Reunion website for a current fisheries report and daily harvesting limitations.

10. A Reunion property owner must accompany all guest fishermen.

11. No person shall place any fish or wildlife in any lake at Reunion.

V. Penalties for Violations of Rules

1. The final determination of a violation of a rule or strike against a property owner shall be decided by the Board of Directors of the POA (the “Board”).

2. Any person who accumulates three strikes as herein described in violation of these rules is subject to discipline by the Board.

3. The Board has discretion to suspend all privileges for a particularly egregious act or acts not specifically enumerated in these rules.

4. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration by the Lake Cte. in its proposed resolution to the Board. Moreover, the Lake Cte. has discretion, and ultimately the Board, in determining whether a rule has been violated.

5. Violation of any rule as stated herein is a violation for which one strike shall be assessed.

6. The nature and extend of the three strike penalty for violations of these rules is in the discretion of the Board. Penalties could include a warning, fine (up to $500.00), or temporary or permanent suspension of lake privileges. A hearing process will be established by the Lake Cte. when considering violations for the rules.

7. A complaint form can be obtained at the Reunion website or from the POA manager in the White House. The completed form can be submitted to the POA Manager or the President of the POA.

VI. Amendment; Application of the Rules

1. These rules may be amended by the POA at any time and for any purpose necessary. Property owners will be notified of such amendment and the date the amended rules will go into effect.

2. Section III herein shall only apply to the Reunion North Lake and Reunion South Lake. No boating of any kind is allowed in the other lakes of Reunion.








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