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1. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. No lifeguards are on duty. Members and their guest enter the pool area and swim at their own risk.

2. The Reunion village pool is for the exclusive use of Reunion Property Owners and their guest. Members of the POA may invite up to ONE GUEST PER POA FAMILY (and the minor children of the guest) to use the pool facilities simultaneously, but the owner MUST BE PRESENT at the pool as long as the guest are present.

3. NO PRIVATE PARTIES shall be held at the Village pool at any time.

4. The pool will be open in Mid April (weather permitting) and will close the Tuesday following Labor Day. Pool Hour will be 10:00 AM to 8 PM. Swimming is prohibited after hours. Anyone found swimming after hours will be reported to the City of Madison Police Department.

5. The pool will be closed on Mondays for cleaning.

6. Children of POA Members (under the age of 12) must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older). Any unaccompanied minors (under the age of 18) may be asked to leave the pool area by any POA adult member for improper behavior at the pool. They may not return to the pool the same day unless accompanied by their parent.

7. No person with open sores, any communicable disease or health problem that could endanger others may enter the pool.

8. Please clean up after yourself before leaving the pool area. All trash should be placed in the trash receptacle. Any personal items left at the pool will be thrown away each night.

9. Be considerate of other pool users. No loud music, no obnoxious behavior, or excessive affection and no profanity.

10. Any damages to the pool area and common areas will be the responsibility of the member causing the damage or the member hosting the guest who caused the damage. Please urge your family and guests to be considerate of our pool and common areas.

11. Proper swimming attire required. No cutoffs permitted. All infants and toddlers must wear proper “swim diaper” in the pool. Any “accidents” in the pool must be reported immediately to Homeland Neighborhood Management at 6019483595 for closing and cleaning of the pool.

12. Do not enter the pool area with SAND ON YOUR BODY FROM THE BEACH. Wash off before entering the pool area.

13. No Grills or cooking in or around the pool area.

14. No running or horseplay in or around the pool area.

15. No glassware or glass bottles in the pool area.

16. No smoking or tobacco products in the pool area.

17. No pets in the pool area.

18. No bicycles, skateboards or any other riding toys (motorized and not) allowed.

19. No chewing gum in the pool area.

20. No reserving pool furniture.

21. Use of pool during severe weather is prohibited.

22. In case of emergency please call the Madison Police Department at 601856

6111 and/or the Madison Fire Department at 6018568894.

23. Any person under 21 years of age found consuming alcoholic beverages maybe

reported to the police. Any member reserves the right to verify your age.

24. Any violation of the above rules will result in loss of privileges and/or fines.

25. Please review these rules with your children and guest.